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We begin by matching your objectives and priorities with the process of marketing and selling your house.

The first three steps towards selling your house are:

  • Clarifying and prioritizing your expectations.

  • Defining the story of your house and neighborhood.

  • Agreeing on a process and how you and I will work together.


Let’s review and prioritize the following topics to help us understand what’s most important to you in the sale of your property.

  • Communication: How often do you prefer to talk with me, as your agent? What’s your preferred method for communicating?

  • Motivation: Why are you selling your home at this time?

  • Time Frame: How soon must you sell your home?

  • Price: Within what range do you expect to sell your home?

  • Homeselling Decisions: Tell me about other possible factors affecting your decision to sell now.

  • Marketing Plan: What aspects of marketing and advertising your home most interest you?

  • Previous Homeselling Experience: What was the most important thing you learned the last time you sold your home?

  • Relocation Assistance: Are you curious about home buying options in your new location?


Let’s discuss how we’ll market its special features and location in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Most Appealing Features: What attracted you to buy this home?

  • Differentiating Features: What makes this property unique from similar properties?

  • Updates and Renovations: Have you made any improvements to the property since you bought it?

  • The Neighborhood: What do you regard as the most attractive features of the surrounding neighborhood?

  • Special Terms or Conditions: Do you have any issues regarding the sale of your property I should be aware of (e.g., items of personal property to be excluded, items which must be disclosed to prospective buyers, etc.)?

  • Potential Enhancements: What changes would you suggest to make your property as salable as possible?


Selling a house typically includes the following elements. Your Realtor® will be your resource and guide throughout this process.

Initial Consultation

  • Clarify your needs and expectations.

  • Review selling process, initial market evaluating strategy.

  • Interview agency choices.

  • Select appropriate representation.

Design and Implement Marketing Plan

  • Complete home enhancement recommendations.

  • Schedule marketing activities.

  • Show the property to brokers and prospective qualified buyers.

  • Communicate sales status and marketing activities.

  • Optimize marketing and pricing as necessary.

Review Offer and Reach Agreement with Buyer

  • Receive and review offer from Buyer’s real estate representative.

  • Discuss and clarify proposed terms and conditions.

  • Negotiate; consider counter offers.

  • Reach final agreement.

Complete CLOSING Process

  • Deposit of Buyer’s earnest money.

  • Sign documents.

  • Initiate title search, deliver preliminary title report to Buyer.

  • Initiate inspections.

  • Resolve remaining contingencies.

  • Conduct final walk-through with Buyer

  • Initiate loan funding/balance of funds from Buyer.

  • Record title.

  • Buyer takes possession of property.

After-Sale Service

  • Help you find your next home.

  • Assist you with relocation, if needed.

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